Historical information of Nefeli Hotel


The story of Nefeli Hotel  began in 1967, when it first opened, and attracted a number of celebrities, including Zoe Laskari, Zozo Sapountzaki, Marinela, Toli Voskopoulos, Giannis Parios, Anna Vissi, George Dalaras, and Alexis Tsipras who served as  Prime Minister of Greece from 2015 to 2019,  the academic Eleni Glykatzi Arveler and also Nikos Galis and Panagiotis Giannakis. The Hotel hosted a large number of Sports Teams. 

Nefeli Hotel was started by Lazaros Tsomos, a second generation hosteler, in an isolated area of Thessaloniki at the time, … Panorama. His kith and kin told him “where are you going to invest”, but he, confident of his choice, proceeded to build the five-stars hotel, which had 65 rooms and five suites and was located in the … countryside, as Panorama was a holiday destination.

Nefeli” started as a small family business in the late 60’s when Panorama was a holiday destination for the people of Thessaloniki. All these years he has actively supported the local community, the labor market, entrepreneurship. During its operation, it has offered hundreds of jobs, as well as stable partnerships with a wide range of suppliers.


The name of the hotel, after all, was not accidental as it was borrowed from Nefeli (cloud), the goddess of hospitality. 

Location of Nefeli Hotel 

The hotel is located   20 meters from the heart of Panorama, Thessaloniki’s most aristocratic district. Located at the feet of Mount Chortiatis and only 12km away from both Thessaloniki’s city centr as well as the airport. Panorama is considered the safest, greenest and most luxurious neighborhood in Thessaloniki.

Panorama is fully autonomous from Thessaloniki, with a variety of quality shops scattered around its compact center, two small shopping malls, bars and coffee shops, an open-air cinema, a swimming pool, football fields and an indoor sports arena. Also within walking distance, you can find Panorama’s best pastry shops which are renowned across Greece for their “triangles”, armenoville and profiterole, while the quality restaurants of the Mediterranean and Chinese cuisine make a lasting impression.

During 2019 “VAR-NEFELI Real Estate Development Single Member Societe Anonyme” , which has been looking for interesting investing opportunities in Greece, stepped in, with new energy, experience and financial means and agreed, to acquire the building.

Following deep research, together with local architects, real estate agents, constructors, engineers, accountants and lawyers, VAR has developed a plan to transform the building into a high end residential & retail property catering the needs of the financially established Panorama community with a one of a kind building enjoying the best views as well as the proximity to adjoining restaurants, shops and amenities.


Location, what's nearby...

Luxury Apartments
12km away from both Thessaloniki’s city
20 meters from the heart of Panorama, Thessaloniki’s