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Investment converts Nefeli Hotel, in to a multi-stock, multi-use building with luxury apartments.

A company of Greek and Israeli interests undertook to build 23 luxury apartments with high provided amenities.


Nefeli hotel hosted at its rooms, popular singers, actors, politicians and also athletes. In its long course until today it has been one of the most beloved hotels in Thessaloniki. The four-star hotel Nefeli, in Panorama, which now, after 52 years of life, turns page and will be transformed into luxury homes, high aesthetics, with special amenities.


The Greek and Israeli interests company which  undertaken by the project, is going to proceed with the construction of 23 luxury apartments, which will be named Nefeli 1, maintaining the well-known name of the hotel. Number 1 is borrowed from the number 1, the street where it is located (Komninon 1).


The construction of the apartments will start in January 2020, while the completion time ranges from 12 to 14 months. The goal of the investors is to make the changes with respect to the historicity of the hotel, but also the family of the previous owners of Nefeli. Luxurious apartments aspire to be the next day of the Nefeli Hotel.


The apartments will be from 80 to 200 sqm and will have 1, 2 or 3 rooms depending on their size. The apartment on the 6th floor will be luxurious, 200 sqm and will have it’s own pool. The apartment on the 5th floor will have an internal staircase and will also lead to it’s own swimming pool.


The premium facilities of the apartments include a restaurant, gym and spa, which will operate on the ground floor. There will be doorman services as well as parking.


Nefeli hotel at the passage of time 


The story of Nefeli Hotel  began in 1967, when it first opened, and attractant  for a number of celebrities, including Zoe Laskari, Zozo Sapountzaki, Marinela, Toli Voskopoulos, Giannis Parios, Anna Vissi, George Dalaras, and Alexis Tsipras who served as  Prime Minister of Greece from 2015 to 2019,  the academic Eleni Glykatzi Arveler and also Nikos Galis and Panagiotis Giannakis. A large number of  sports teams stayed at the hotel.


Nefeli Hotel was started by Lazaros Tsomos, a second generation hosteler, in an  isolated area of Thessaloniki at the time, … Panorama. His kith and kin told him “where are you going to invest”, but he, confident of his choice, proceeded to build the five-stars hotel, which had 65 rooms and five suites and was located in the … countryside, as Panorama was a holiday destination.


The name of the hotel, after all, was not accidental as it was borrowed from Nefeli (cloud), the goddess of hospitality. And indeed, during the years of its operation, as  the granddaughter of Lazaros Tsomos, Athena Siganidou explains,  provided high services, wanting to satisfy even the most demanding customers. Speaking to, Ms. Siganidou admits that “emotions are mixed, but the hotel has come full circle”. “It makes me happy that the new owners of the building will create something beautiful and unique for the data of Thessaloniki,” says Ms. Siganidou.


The announcement of hotel’s   cessation . 


We have served the hospitality sector for more than half a century, leaving our mark on the tourist development of Thessaloniki and the evolution of the wider region. Today, after 52 years of uninterrupted presence, with emotion we announce the cessation of its operation.


Nefeli” started as a small family business in the late 60’s when Panorama was a holiday destination for the people of Thessaloniki. All these years he has actively supported the local community, the labor market, entrepreneurship. During its operation, it has offered hundreds of jobs, as well as stable partnerships with a wide range of suppliers.


With the support of our customers and fellow citizens, it has become a reference point in the city of Thessaloniki, of which we are proud.


We owe warm thanks to the staff, to the suppliers, to the thousands of customers we hosted at our premises, to all those who supported us in every way and stood by us with professionalism and dedication.


We say goodbye from our “home” that was open to all,  carrying memories of a lifetime.


The family of the Nefeli hotel in Panorama Thessaloniki ” concludes the announcement.


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